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There are always some new technologies that keep on coming over time and we can’t ignore them. This time we are talking about the voice search technique of smartphones. Day by day people is finding it very convenient. A report of 2017 published that voice search was the third major SEO trend. The number of such devices has been increasing since then. Right now, there are over 33 million devices based on voice-first technology in the world. Since this number is also increasing day by day, so the percentage of this voice search technique will also increase.

There was a report published about 3 years ago that stated that voice search consisted of about 20% of total Google search queries. But in 2021, this composition would increase up to 50%. So, is high time for you to modify your content in a way that suits the requirements of a voice search.

Here are some ideas about how you can do it.

  1. Consider local SEO while optimizing your website
  • It has been found that the queries which are search using the voice command are mostly from the local environment. Google has also suggested many times that about 46% of the total searches have the local intent.
  • While making any kind of optimization in your website, you should analyse and find out the most accurate and relevant information about the specific queries and other keyword phrases. It is very important to do for improving the performance of your SEO.
  • The focus should be made on the type of question that you think your target audience will ask. You can make further improvements only if you know better about your audience.
  1. Importance of long-tail keywords and phrases
  • As businesses are working hard to get above others by using SEO, the influence of long-tail keywords is increasing day by day. If you choose a specific market, the use of long-tail keywords will enhance the conversion rate and allow you to compete in a better way. This is because the long-tail keywords are highly focused in nature and they are also not very popular.
  • The use of long-tail keywords plays a very important role because most of the google searches fall under the unpopular category. So you should always try to understand the long-tail queries of the users and then optimize your content accordingly.
  • But it will not be so easy to understand the way people search for something when they use the voice search. This is because we don’t speak the same way as we write. Our sentences are very casual when we speak. So, finding the best match for voice-based searches is not so easy.
  • You can do one thing in this regard. About 29% of the keywords with over 10000 monthly searches comprise of 3 or more words. Consider this information while optimizing your content.
  1. Create your content in a very specific manner for different classes of audiences
  • Now that you are aware of the prerequisites of such blogs, it is time that you should create your content. Your content should have a good natural flow and be extremely focused on the point. Use the relevant long-tail keywords wherever they are required. With the use of long-tail keywords, all you have to do is to match with the natural pattern used by humans during a conversation.

These are some of the points we found important for creating blogs suitable for voice search. While working in SEO, you should always keep in mind that the return/result is not so quick. It is a rather long-term process.

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