Tips for Choosing the Right Backpack for School


School season has begun and both parents and children have got themselves on the task of buying various things that will be needed by the child throughout the year. Out of all the stuff, the backpack is the most important thing to be brought as it is going to hold all other things that need to be carried to the school. Buying the right backpack for school is not as easy as it seems to be. it can be a tricky job.

There are a plethora of manufacturers in the market that produces backpacks that are great in appearance. But sadly not all of them pay attention to the quality of the backpack or even consider quality as an important trait. They believe when producing things for children, looks are the only criterion that matters. But it is not at all true.

In order to help you and all the other parents struggling to buy the right backpack for school, we have come up with some basic tips that can help in making the right choice.

  1. First and foremost thing to be taken under consideration at the time of selecting the backpack is size of the backpack. A backpack should be big enough to accommodate all the stuff that will be needed by the child in the school. If the backpack is too small then it will get torn by the weight of things stuffed inside it. If it is too big then it will be very difficult and inconvenient for the child to carry an oversized bag over their back. According to experts size of the backpack should be such that it should not go below the waist of the child. It should rest somewhere over the tail bone of the child. Backpack bigger than that will cause lot of inconvenience and discomfort to the child.
  2. Second thing to look for in a backpack is number of compartment in the backpack. It should have different compartments to keep different things such as books, stationary, mobile, wallet, water bottle, keys and any other thing if required. When a backpack have different compartment for different things, child can not only keep his or her things systematically but they will also not face any difficulty in searching the stuff at the hour of need. When things are stuffed in a single compartment it looks messy and will cause lot of inconvenience to the child in the school.
  3. It is very important for the parents to let the child select their own backpack. If required you can always guide the child but final selection should be his or her. They know better what all stuff they will need in school and how big space they want to keep all that stuff. Apart from that they can try carrying the backpack on their back I order to know the feel and the comfort level of the backpack. It is they who have to carry the load on their back throughout the year, so it is better they themselves select a backpack which is comfortable, spacious and well designed.
  4. Apart from size and space, comfort is another very important thing which has to be taken into consideration. Uncomfortable, badly designed backpacks can often lead to back pain, spinal injury and shoulder and neck pain in the children. It is important to see whether the backpack are padded at the shoulder or not. Padding will eliminate unnecessary stress on the shoulders due to the weight of the backpack. Shoulder straps should be covered with breathable mesh so that it do not cause sweating, rashes or allergy on the shoulders of the child. Apart from that straps of the backpack should be strong enough to carry weight of the books, water bottle and all the other stuff that backpack will be carrying round the year.
  5. Like shopping for any other products prefer buying a branded backpack of a brand making quality products and good reputation. Don’t forget to read reviews about the backpack and the brand before you actually venture into buying it. Read experience of other people with the quality and comfort of the backpack and only then decide to buy one for yourself.
  6. Backpack you select for your child should give you value for your money. You may get tempted to buy backpacks which looks great and are much below your budget. You will grab it like it is a hot piece of cake. But such backpacks have plastic lining which is of low quality and brittle and you will end up buying another backpack for your kid in just few months. You should look for a backpack which has good quality cloth or parachute lining, high quality zippers and are strong enough to bear the weight of books and other stuff.

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