What types of extracurricular activities are recommended for children?


Children are a gift from God. Every child deserves a happy childhood and the development of skills. It is to that effect that extracurricular activities are given importance. Here are a few activities that are suitable for your child, and also which help them develop a skill.

Drawing and painting

You can supply your child with loads of drawing paper and a box of crayons. He/she will soon start to develop a longing for drawing. If you, as a responsible parent recognize promise in the child’s drawing, it may be that the child would become a painter. Drawing helps to development of the grip that is ideal for a pencil or a pen. Besides this, the child also develops a creative and artistic view of things which encourages him/her to further explore using the medium of drawing. Painting improves cognition and helps him/her appreciate the colour seen in everyday life.


This is a much favoured activity for children. All you need to do is buy play dough in sufficient quantities and then sit back and watch your child fashion make-believe creatures, daily objects, and a whole lot more. Play dough comes in many different colours, so choose one your child likes.

Drama and storytelling

This activity is best done in preschool where there are a number of children present. Reading out from a children’s book, and off-the-cuff storytelling helps to develop imagination in the child. Drama requires a bit of preparation and every child in the group has the privilege of acting out a part in the play. These activities enhance the motor and social skills so that the child becomes a better communicator. These traits are significant for a child, because once they enter the confines of a regular school; things will be more routine and straitlaced.

Organic farming

This activity is followed by children enthusiastically. They get too dirty their hands and also learn things about the seasons and the lifespan of a particular plant. Maintaining an organic farm includes watering the fruit and vegetable plants, and through activities like seed planting, a sense of ownership prevails amongst the children.

Play School prides itself on being the most advanced institution for toddlers and children. The after-class activities as mentioned above, are given the same importance as academics. And this makes the child develop into a complete person early on in his/her life.

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