Trends Of Designer Baby Footwear That Will Make You Go Awe!


Gone are the days when there was limited variety available for footwear for kids and parents had to adjust with whatever available in the market. It is 2022 and now market is full of cute, adorable and super comfortable footwear for infants which will make even the on lookers go awe.

Unlike our former generation, modern parents have not only become much more particular when shopping for kids but they have also become much more aware. They just not buy a pair of footwear because it is over loaded with cuteness but they look whether it will be comfortable to wear and safe for small and developing feet of their little one.

  • The first and foremost trend for baby footwear is they are available in natural material. Yes you have heard it right. All the makers of designer baby footwear have started making them in natural material like cotton and wool. Unlike synthetic man made material which can cause irritation, rashes and suffocation to the tiny feet of the tiny tots, natural material is warm, comfortable, and airy and allows ventilation. It also do not causes any irritation, itching or rashes to the young feet. So most parents in 2022 are looking for designer baby footwear made out of natural material. And guess what! Footwear industry is responding well by doing ample production in the segment.
  • If we talk about trends in designer baby footwear for young girls then you will never fall short of options to buy from. Market is full of cute and adorable footwear for girls. Small little bellies in shades of pink, gold, white, lavender or even lime yellow have always been in trend. Designing with sequins or floral motif is also an evergreen trend and looks best when worn with a frock full of frills and flairs. Such bellies are vintage and timeless and at the same time make the little girl look adorable and cute by many folds. For a casual look you can go for denim footwear with prints of mermaid, glass slippers, planet or an animal print. You can also choose for retro theme by selecting footwear with polka dots, stripes or a simple bow over the top. Shimmery footwear covered with sparkle or shimmery sequins is always in trend for young girls who like wearing smart frocks and skirts.
  • It is a common myth that footwear shopping for small boys is boring as un like footwear variety for girls you do not get sparkling footwear variety for boys. But it is not true. In present times market is full of designer bay footwear for boys. Whether you want rugged appearance with prints like skeleton, skull, super hero or a milder one with prints like sail boat, sailor, planets, outer space, you will get it all in the market. Footwear designed in denim material is a hot favourite of many parents. Apart from that you also get great variety of formal footwear for young boys as you get for men. Smart formal shoes in black, beige, grey and mustard yellow looks awesome when worn with formal dresses like pant short or suit. You also get exclusive range of mojri and sandals to be worn with traditional Indian dresses.
  • Most foot designers at present have started designing the shoes in leather sole. Leather sole has lot of benefit over other varieties of sole used in the footwear. Leather soles are soft and flexible. They mould themselves according to the feet of the child. Apart from that it allows passage of air through it and the child do not feel uncomfortable, sweaty or suffocated while wearing the shoes. Aesthetic quotient of the leather sole is cherry on the top. Designer baby footwear with a leather sole looks elegant and classy. Such footwear uplift the overall look of the dress as well as the child. You can check exclusive designer baby footwear range by high end fashion designers and you will not be disappointed at all.
  • Designer baby flip flops are cuteness over loaded. People usually associate cuteness as the only key word for the baby footwear. Designers in this millennial era have started paying equal attention to the comfort and safety of the child. Toddlers at the time they learn to walk, they walk very unstable and there is high chance of them often falling while walking. So it is important to buy a flip flop with a strap. A flip flop with a fastening strap will not only keep the flip flop intact in their feet but they will also not fall due to a footwear which is not well fitted in their feet.

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