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In today’s digital world, an online presence is important. It not only helps your business to have a visible presence where it matters the most but also helps it be found by consumers before they are even aware that your business exists. It further helps them to understand whether your business is credible enough to be trusted and do business with. All of these insights eventually play a critical role in the consumer’s final purchase making a decision.

But how do you as a business get to understand consumers’ aspirations and thinking?

Just having an online presence does not mean that you leave it at that and expect things to come your way. You need to track your online presence and you also need to track consumers’ behavior towards your online presence. You need to analyze the outcome of your online presence, how it’s working, and whether it has been an effective tool as a part of your overall marketing plan.

Just as you track your search engine results on Google with SEO, the same way you can track your online presence with Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool from Google that not only tracks and reports website traffic but also tracks online presence, how people are finding it, and what they are looking for on finding it. For instance, if you have a business that offers products or services, Google Analytics will help you to understand how your online presence is working, how people are finding your business online, and what they are looking for from your business, the kind of products or services that your business offers.

You will also get to understand the kind of content they respond to and the social networks they prefer. When the findings are analyzed in-depth, you will get a better idea of where your business stands in the online world. This will help to tweak your strategies for the better that will help drive more traffic and leads, and eventually, deliver the best ROI.

What else can Google Analytics do?

With Google Analytics, you will also get to understand:

  • Why and for what reasons visitors to your website are quickly coming out of it without browsing fully the other pages of the website? Your website may be attracting visitors but is not successful enough to get them converted to quality leads and eventually, as customers. It could be your website is not providing sufficient information which they are looking for, or is not optimized properly or the landing page is not impressive enough to convince them to sign-up. All of these lead to what is called a high bounce rate. This is where Google Analytics helps by providing a detailed report of the pages that are witnessing high bounce rates. You will get to know the reasons and means to set right the flaws, to eventually bring down the bounce rate.
  • Vital details of visitors to the website. For instance, the visitor’s gender, age, location, the device they are using, and so on. Google Analytics will give you the relevant details, that will also let you know what makes them visit your website, through which channels they are coming from, and so on. These details will help you to understand the plus and minus points, and the measures needed to be taken to set right the flaws, like optimizing the website, etc.
  • Which social platforms are being used extensively and which among them are fuelling the traffic drive to your website the most? Google Analytics will give you a peek into which social platforms are the most widely used by the visitors, the level of their performance, and the conversion value they bring. In addition, you will also get to learn about the amount of traffic coming from social referrals and the number of visitors really talking about your business. Based on that, you can select the best social platform(s) to place what are called social media ads, attractive enough to lure visitors, fuel traffic, and engage potential customers.
  • Whether your website’s content is making an impact or not. If not, what kind of content needs to be there on the website to get the visitors attracted and converted. Good quality content has the power to lure visitors, impress them, and coerce them to take a positive decision. The better the content quality the more visitors the website will be able to attract into its fold. In addition, Google Analytics will also help you keep track of reviews of the content and its shares, as well as let you know whether additional content sources in the form of blogs, slide shares, etc, are needed to add value to the website and create a healthier impression on the visitors. Furthermore, Google Analytics will also let you know the page views, your website or blogs receive. Based on the available data, you can improve upon the content, and make it more robust enough to positively influence visitors and generate more traffic.

By letting you know where your online presence stands, Google Analytics will also help you to not only track customers’ reactions and actions, but also help track the progress of your business online. And most importantly, how far your business goals have come along and whether they are making the impact that you expected them to.

Your goals could be many, making them purchase the products or hire services your business offers; or subscribe to your newsletters; or download the eBooks that you offer, or file a lead generation form; or such likes. Whether they are really producing the results and help convert potential leads into customers, which is what matters the most.

Google Analytics can help you understand all of these and also find ways to turn them around the corner and deliver the results that are valuable for your money.

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